Ayfer Berkkam

        European Patent Attorney

        Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney

        &General Manager

        Berkkam Patent, Consultancy Limited Şirketi

        Çankaya Patent Trademark and Consultancy Ltd. Şti.

        After Ayfer BERKKAM was graduated from Anadolu University Economics Department in 1986, she had the training of Hacettepe University Faculty of Education pedagogical formation and then foreign language training from State Language Centre. She was graduated from Başkent University SBMYO Justice Department as the third successful student of the department. In addition to them, she had a great number of vocational trainings (technical, legal and management/leadership) in Turkey and abroad within a long time period. 


Ayfer BERKKAM started to work in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights on the date of 03.09.1987 with “Ankara Patent Bürosu Ltd.Şti.”, she deserved to retire and was retired in 2007 and she founded her own company Berkkam Patent, Consultancy Limited Şirketi in the same year after she worked in this company for 20 years as manager.

While she was working as the general manager of family company Berkkam Patent Consultancy Ltd. Şti., she gave service as General Coordinator and Patent Department Manager to “Yalçıner Patent and Consultancy Ltd.Şti” in the same sector in between 2008-2013. She left her duties as consultant, coordinator for other attorneyship companies in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights in 2014 and she has joined to the partnership structure of “Çankaya Patent Trademark and Consultancy Ltd.Şti.” by extending her work volume in the same year. She continues to work as General Manager of Berkkam Patent and Çankaya Patent companies.


She gives services for 34 years as a trademark/patent attorney registered before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office since 1997 and as an European Patent Attorney registered before European Patent Office since 2001 in the fields of attorneyship, consultancy, training and mentorship to a great number of companies, organizations, institutions, universities and TTOs leading the sector.


She was in Munich working group relating to German and European patent law and practices in the scope of European Union Twinning Project running by Turkish Patent Institution and German International Cooperation Foundation in 2010.She performed examinations with her colleagues on European and German patent laws in European Patent Office, German Patent Office and other relevant professional associations and private organizations in Munich, joined to German patent/design lawsuits, reported her comparison studies in the scope of relevant Turkish Decree Law and legislations. 

She has a good command of national and international laws and regulations and practices with her experience relating to Patent, Utility Model, Trademark, Industrial Design, Plant Breeder’s Rights, Copyright, Integrated Circuit Topography, Geographical Indication registrations etc. within years in the scope of national (state laws), regional systems (PCT, EPC, EAPO, ARIPO, OAPI) in Turkey and abroad.


Through her working life of many years, she effected necessary processes relating to protection and registration of rights on behalf of right’s owner under relevant laws and regulations in the scope of trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design, geographical indication, copyright, plant breeder’s rights for a great number of companies leading local and foreign sectors including state institutions and organizations, various universities, natural and legal persons, especially Koç Holding Corporate Group.


She had an in-depth knowledge and experience about work flow and organization between universities, technopoles, academicians, attorneyship and official institutions with her works within Istanbul Technical University, Dumlupınar University, Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Kocaeli University, Gebze Technical University, Yıldız Technical University, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Ayvansaray University, Esenyurt University, Amasya University and various Technopoles/Technoparks


She shared her experiences in practice with TUSİAD and TUBİTAK working groups by being in works and arrangements relating to “1602 Patent Support Program” of TUBİTAK.


In addition, she contributes to institutionalization activities of R&D companies and technology transfer offices in the field of Intellectual Property Rights preparing special Intellectual Property Rights Guide Leaflets. She has writings, articles and leaflets published in a great number of newspaper and magazine. She wrote 15. Chapter “Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Start-Up Law in Bioinitiatives” of the book “Step by Step Bioentrepreneurship: Road Map for Biotechnology Entrepreneurs and Investors” with 17 Academicians in 2019.


She represented both her companies and our country successfully joining countless meeting, seminar, symposium, conference and training about Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights in Turkey and abroad. She gives lessons as a guest teacher to undergraduate and graduate students within classes of “entrepreneurship/innovation/intellectual property rights” in a great number of universities. She arranges “seminars/trainings/informing meetings” in the topics of intellectual and industrial property rights, national and international practices, management of intellectual property rights, licensing and the like for academicians, students, engineers working in R&D departments of companies and legal personnel.


She continues to work unremittingly with “SERVICE FIRST” mentality as colleagues with countless trademark/patent experts, trademark and patent attorneys she has brought in the sector sharing her knowledge and experience through her working life.

She is a member of Patent and Trademark Attorneys Association (PEM), AIPPI Turkey- Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, American Turkish Business Development Council (ATBD Council) and TOBB Ankara Women Entrepreneurs Board, at the same time she has a court expert identity.

Ayfer BERKKAM who is married and has 2 children still continues to work as general manager of Çankaya Patent Trademark and Consultancy Ltd. Şti. and Berkkam Patent, Consultancy Ltd.Şti.



Our Values

To guarantee that we will continue representing our work discipline, knowledge and experience to our services in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights with our sense of mission also in future years like past 34 years and to be an example for next generations are our moral obligations to this valuable sector where we act.

Working with the principle of first service

Working with the mentality of ‘Satisfaction of our clients is our satisfaction’

Working by having a good command of and being loyal to national/international laws and regulations

Giving a reliable and correct service depending on the principle of ‘Confidentiality’

Continuing our works with successes obtained as a result of team and coordination

Being a team learning and improving itself continuously with the principle of Iit is never too late to learn’

Giving a quality service using time well with the mentality of that the key of success is being hardworking

Dealing with all works within the frame of respect, love, understanding and discretion

are values we pay regard to in all of our works and principles we have as our password.

*Our firm is centered in Ankara, we have an intention to continue that. We do not lean towards branching suggestions made sometimes from outside of Ankara. The main reason of this is to protect our service quality, to complete our quick and solution oriented services operating them serially.