“Easier said than done, we started to work exactly 34 years ago on the date of 03.09.1987 in the capital of Turkey Ankara in a sector which did not have a value and importance at its deserved level during those dates, which was not quite known and we have come to these days as a result of devoted works by overcoming hard periods.”

“In these days, there was not trademark and patent attorneyship yet.”

The sector consisted of three feet, one feet of the sector was State Institution i.e. relevant unit of the Ministry of Industry in these days, other feet was right owners contributing development of technology and industry and needing protection of their works by State and private sector representing right owners, i.e. persons and companies working relating to Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights like us.

Turkish Patent Institution subjected to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology was founded by the Decree Law numbered 544 on the date of 24 June 1994, having administrative and economical autonomy.

While the old name of the institution was Turkish Patent Institution, its name was arranged as Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and its abbreviation as TÜRKPATENT under the Industrial Property Law numbered 6769 published in the Official Gazette on the date of 10 January 2017. The titles of Patent and Trademark Attorneyship are given via a written examination by Turkish Patent Institution under the Decree Law numbered 544 since foundation of Turkish Patent Institution.

Our service mentality is basically to produce and to implement effective and fast solutions over expectations by sharing our priceless theoretical/practical knowledge we have obtained via our experience that is the most valuable thing in Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights sector working for years nationally and internationally with our valuable clients. Our attorney dear Ayfer BERKKAM has ethical rules, technical and legal knowledge expected from a trademark and patent attorney in a maximum level.

Our works have continued for 34 years with our main principle “SERVICE FIRST” we know, believe and adopt. “SERVICE FIRST” is implemented in order to establish and protect rights given legally on values created as a result of any type of intellectual work or effort on behalf of right owner without making compromises the principles of integrity / honesty by our experts having knowledge and experience in their own field under laws and regulations in a qualified, economical, solution and result oriented manner.

Starting our attorney dear Ayfer BERKKAM’s working life in 1987 in a company which was a single company placed in Ankara within the companies which could be counted on the fingers of one hand in Turkey, working in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, leading in the sector, logistic advantage of that Turkish Patent and Trademark Office was in Ankara and her reputation of many years with her honest and ethical works were important elements for improving and being concluded of all works she undertook faster.

We continue our works by evaluating inventions we suspected to have a commercial value with our clients mutually due to our close contacts with various sectors. BERKKAM PATENT has a team that is experienced and expert under the leadership of European Patent Attorney, Turkish Trademark and Patent Attorney Dear Mrs. Ayfer BERKKAM who has national and international knowledge and experience for 34 years in this sector.


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Berkkam Patent Consulting Co. Ltd. provides consultancy services with its expert team in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. With years of experience and foreign partners acquired within this period, it provides professional service in all processes of application-registration-post registration in an honest, safe and economical manner wherever industrial property rights can be constituted.